Music to groove to on a long weekend
Published on August 29, 2008 By Sturgee In Just Hanging Out

Well, I done been gone for too long.  I can't believe it's been two years since my last Random Ten post.  I'll try to get on here a little more, but havin' two jobs and pumping care packages to Iraq on a regular basis have kept me a touch on the busy side.


Enough excuses.  I'm gonna try to ease back into the Joe User community slowly.  So, to start off, a simple edition of my favorite game:  Random Ten.


For those that aren't familiar, Random Ten is played by putting your iPod, Zune, or other mp3 player on shuffle/random.  You list the first ten songs that play.  No skipping songs.  The idea is to share with others a little bit about yourself, through your music selections.  Also, it's an opportunity to expose folks to new music (if they take the initiative to track down songs they see that look interesting to them).  So, with that explanation, here we go:


1.  Will Smith - "Will 2K"

2.  Puff Daddy & The Family - "Been Around The World"

3.  Angelina - "I Don't Need Your Love (Spanish Radio Edit)" - 90's club music - classic

4.  Michael Moog - "That Sound (Extended Vocal Mix)"

5.  Cat Stevens - "Moonshadow"

6.  El Blanco - "Clovis Factory Pond" - you won't be able to find this one.  this is a buddy of mine who was a concierto violinist before he had neck problems, who took his music knowledge straight to computer, and composes his own stuff...

7.  Epik High - "거미줄" -  Translates to "spider web".  Korean hip hop finally grew up.

8.  The Commodores - "Nightshift" - okay, totally weird.  I did another Random Ten this morning with some co-workers, and out of the 4000+ songs on my iPod, this song has come up on both sets of Random Ten today...  maybe not so random after all...

9.  2 Live Crew - "Do Wah Diddy"

10.  Bananarama - "Cruel Summer" - holy crap!! I'm having Karate Kid flashbacks!!


Okay, not the most "random" ten after all.  Very hip hop/rap heavy this time around.  Which is weird, because this mornings Random Ten at work was much more diverse...with way more house music on it...oh well.


Hope everybody enjoys their Labor Day weekend!!

on Aug 30, 2008

This should be interesting this thing holds a lot, here goes...

1. Death Cab for Cutie - "I Will Possess Your Heart"
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Why Don't You Love Me?"
3. Rammstein - "Du Hast"
4. Modest Mouse - "Fly Trapped In A Jar" - if you don't know Modest Mouse, get to know them
5. 50 Cent - "The Mechanic" - gotta have a song come up that I've never actually listened to I guess
6. Third Eye Blind - "Palm Reader"
7. Souls of Mischief - "93 'til Infinity" - now that's old school
8. Green Day - "Do Da Da" - I have to say I'm not a fan of this album too much
9. Motion City Soundtrack - "Time Turned Fragile" - used to be big into them, now, not as much
10. Panic! At The Disco - "Pas de Cheval"

If only the songs were like that when I shuffle all the time!!  I liked that mix.  Unfortunately I get crap often since my entire music library is stored on this beast.  I probably would have skipped through a couple of those too had I been required to listen to them in their entirety.

on Aug 30, 2008

Souls of Mischief - "93 'til Infinity"?!?!?  I only know about 3 people who actually know that song.  That's awesome.  I love that track.  When I mention it to people when discussing hip hop, I usually get a look something akin to a pig looking at a clock....

on Aug 30, 2008

I'm a huge fan of most music to come from the Hieroglyphics label.  Del has to be my all-time favorite artist of the genre, so I've really gotten into it all.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention...I like how your random ten list ended btw