Snap Happy Family Members on the Loose
Published on October 24, 2005 By Sturgee In Marriage
Okay, between the dozen or so family members from both sides of the family that were there, we have literally hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of our wedding. We haven't correlated all of them yet, but we've gotten a good group together. I've gone through and picked out some "good" ones, and put them up in a Yahoo photo album. Anybody interested can check it out here:

There are over 100 pictures in there, so it can take a few minutes to see them all... Sorry!

Shout at y'all later!


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on Oct 24, 2005
Very nice pictures....the bride looks that you?

I don't mean any offense but you know what the first thing I thought of when I saw the groom? Mickey Mouse. What is that thing on his head?

Really nice pics though. Thank you.
on Feb 10, 2006
Nice Pics. Kinda looks like the war museum in Seoul next to Yongsan.

The fella on your right in "Groom with Friends" kinda looked like my old Top, George Range III.